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VoIP For Dummies – Book -Understanding VoIP


VoIP FOR DUMmIES, by Timothy Kelly Foreword by Don Peterson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Avaya Inc.

Communications is the heart of your business, and voice over IP has the capability to strengthen that heart and thereby strengthen your business. VoIP is not just another form of connectivity. Yes, it combines the intimacy of voice with the power of data, but it is more than voice over the Internet or voice over your data network. It enables the merging of voice and data applications in ways that liberate business processes. VoIP extends voice communications to anyone, anywhere, over any device — it is the fundamental building block of intelligent communications. It offers businesses the benefits of significant cost savings, increased revenue, and better customer service. It puts communications at the core of the business, enabling faster decisions, revitalized business processes, and new business models.
This year is a pivotal one in electronic communications. With customer confidence growing, IP is now preferred over traditional phone systems. With VoIP becoming mainstream, the adoption rate is accelerating.

Voice over IP is no longer a wait-and-see decision. It’s happening right now. You can’t afford to limit your communications options or neglect the role that it can play in business performance. But maximizing success in switching to a VoIP system requires top-notch planning, design, implementation, and management. To help you get started and understand the fundamentals, Tim Kelly has written a fine book, VoIP For Dummies. This book lifts any confusion you may have about the subject and clearly identifies the many benefits of VoIP for businesses. This book is your portal to understanding how VoIP can make your business stronger by making your communications systems stronger. The results will be people more productive, processes more efficient, and customers more loyal.

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