Combined with the license price reductions announced earlier, we are also expanding on our 3CX Hosted Service.

Hosting extended up to 32SC

Our hosting service is now available to even more users. Customers with up to a 32SC license (approx. 120 users) can choose 3CX hosting. This is double the previous number of users per 3CX system.

One year free hosting

We are also offering hosting for free for the first year on Standard, PRO and Enterprise editions. 3CX will host the system for free for 12 months from the first activation date. The instance will be parked unless there is a minimum of 5 chats or calls per week. This is because unused instances consume water and electricity, causing an unnecessary burden on the environment. If your instance is parked you can contact us in order to reactivate it within 15 minutes.

Hosted Pricing: S,M,L,XL

We’ve introduced 4 tiers of hosting. After the first year free, hosting will be available on all editions including Standard at a low add-on annual price. This means, Standard edition users are no longer required to upgrade to a PRO license to keep their 3CX Hosting.

SCSize of instancePrice $€£

More information about hosting with 3CX can be found here.