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All VOIP Books With Author & Publisher
Title Author Publisher
Big Book of IP Telephony RFCs Pete Loshin Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Carrier Grade Voice Over IP Daniel Collins McGraw-Hill Professional
CIM Voice Internetworking, VoIP Quality of Service Cisco Press
Cisco AVVID and IP Telephony Design and Implementation Jeff Bankston, Michael E. Flannagan, Larry Keefer, Robert Padjen, Sean Thurston and Martin Walshaw Syngress Media
Cisco IP Telephony David Lovell and Scott Veibell Cisco Press
Cisco Voice Over Frame Relay, ATM and IP Stephen Foy, Kelly McGrew and Steve McQuerry Cisco Press
Configuring Cisco Voice Over IP Jason Sinclair and Martin Walshaw Syngress Media
Converged Networks and Services: Internetworking IP and the PSTN Igor Faynberg, Lawrence Gabuzda and Hui-Lan Lu John Wiley & Sons
Converged Network Architectures: Delivering Voice and Data Over IP, ATM, and Frame Relay Oliver C. Ibe John Wiley & Sons
Delivering Voice over IP Networks, 2nd Edition Daniel Minoli and Emma Minoli John Wiley & Sons
Deploying Cisco Voice Over IP Solutions Phil Bailey, Jonathan Davidson and Tina Fox Cisco Press
Integrating Voice and Data Networks Scott Keagy Cisco Press
Internet Communications Using SIP Alan B. Johnston and Henry Sinnreich John Wiley & Sons
Internet Telephony David D. Clark, William Lehr and Lee W. McKnight MIT Press
Internet Telephony: Call Processing Protocols Uyless Black Prentice Hall
IP Telephony Demystified Ken Camp McGraw-Hill Professional
IP Telephony: Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems David Gurle, Olivier Hersent and Jean-Pierre Petit Addison-Wesley
IP Telephony: The Complete Video Course Uyless D. Black Prentice Hall
IP Telephony – The Integration of Robust VoIP Services Bill Douskalis Prentice Hall
IP Telephony with H.323: Architectures for Unified Networks and Integrated Services Markku Korpi, Vineet Kumar and Senthil Sengodan John Wiley & Sons
PBX Systems for IP Telephony Allan Sulkin McGraw-Hill Professional
Practical VoIP Using VOCAL Luan Dang, Cullen Jennings and David Kelly O’Reilly & Associates
Putting VoIP to Work: Softswitch Network Design and Testing Bill Douskalis Prentice Hall
SIP Demystified Gonzalo Camarillo and Jonathan Rosenberg McGraw-Hill Professional
SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol Alan B. Johnston Artech House
Softswitch : Architecture for VoIP (Professional Telecom) Frank Ohrtman McGraw-Hill Professional
Speaking About VoIP Bruce Stewart O’Reilly & Associates
Voice Application Development with VoiceXML Rick Beasley, Kenneth Michael Farley, John O’Reilly and Leon Squire Sams
Voice Enabling Web Applications: VoiceXML and Beyond Kenneth R. Abbott Apress
Voice Over Data Networks: Covering IP and Frame Relay Gilbert Held McGraw-Hill Professional
Voice over Internet Protocol/VoIP Gateway Global Industry Analysts
Voice Over IP Uyless Black Prentice Hall
Voice over IP Fundamentals Jonathan Davidson, Brian Gracely and Jim Peters Cisco Press
Voice Over IP Networks Marcus Goncalves McGraw-Hill Professional
Voice Over IP: Strategies for the Converged Network Mark A. Miller John Wiley & Sons
Voice Over IP Technologies: Building the Converged Network Mark A. Miller John Wiley & Sons
Voice Over Packet Networks David J. Wright John Wiley & Sons
VoiceXML: 10 Projects to Voice Enable Your Web Site Mark Miller John Wiley & Sons
The VoiceXML Handbook: Understanding and Building the Phone-Enabled Web Bob Edgar CMP Books
VoiceXML: Professional Developer’s Guide with CDROM Jeff Kunins and Chetan Sharma John Wiley & Sons
VoIP Standards and Protocols Faulkner Information Services
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